When to Get it Done? Why Not Now?

Creative people are famous for procrastination, and sometimes that’s not a bad thing. When it comes to books and scripts, I actually refuse to write until I’ve thought so much about it that when I finally sit down at the keyboard, it flows out like an erupting volcano. However, most of the time, we simply procrastinate. We make jokes about it, like writer Douglas Adam’s great quote: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by” or download anti-distraction apps (although playing around with the app contributes to more procrastination.)

My preferred method in most cases is to just do it now. Like most creative people, I’m thinking up new ideas all day, not to mention client requests and tasks from my to-do list. When I start putting things off, those tasks start to stack up and after a few days it gets overwhelming, so my answer is to do it now.

I start my day with Scrivener (my preferred writing app) open as well as MS Word. I also have a notepad on my desk and pads of sticky notes. Perhaps more important, any important client and project files on paper are nearby as well. That way, whatever I’m doing, when a big idea hits, or I get a client request or task deadline pops up, I can switch gears and get it done right at that moment.

There’s nothing quite like checking off a task or knowing it’s done to motivate me on to the next project.

That’s why I created “Unique: The Ultimate Planner for Creative Professionals.” It’s designed to help you focus your day so that when a new idea or task comes up, you can do it now. Try it out. You can order your copy here, and I’m convinced it will re-ignite your creativity.

Do it now!

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  1. Ordered! I’m excited to see it. But now it’s a two-week wait…how will I plan my goals before November 23rd? 🙂

      1. Amazon just updated delivery another month out: now December 21st. What’s going on? Should I order it from someone else?

          1. Got it at CBD for cheaper than Amazon…and it’s in stock there. Could have used Barnes & Noble just a few blocks away, but they’re saying not in stock at the store and estimating January 1 delivery. I think it’s a hit!

  2. That’s a funny quote from Douglas Adams. I actually got to meet, interview for a local tv show and go drink beers with Doug years ago while I was in graduate school at MTSU. He was a great guy and I loved his Guide to the Galaxy. Hated to see him go and may be RIP.

  3. Hi Phil, I’m curious: when do you use Scrivener and when do you use Word? Thanks for all the free and valuable tips, all the time.

    1. Good question. I only use Word when I’m sending it out. I do all my writing and editing in Scrivener – all my blogs, magazine articles, books, etc… It’s SO much easier to organize and navigate. Then when it’s finished, I export it to Word, or whatever platform I need….

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