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When The Media Becomes Racist in Pursuit of Ratings

Here’s my take on the George Zimmerman trial that I wrote for the Huffington Post.  I’d be curious to know what you think.



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  1. Good comment Phil. Sensational journalism motivated by political correctness and acceptance by the “in crowd” is depriving us of truth. While it happens on both sides of the political spectrum, the overwhelming abuse is from the left.

    1. I”m not in that camp Michael. That’s too conspiracy minded. Right now the mainstream media is simply infatuated with the president. That’s what people need to know… Although as more and more of his initiatives continue to stall, let’s see how the media reacts…

  2. A good article, but I think you’re missing a vital point. The lamestream media (Goldberg, B., 2011) is decidedly left and the (non)racial component to this story was their focal point.

    And it continues to be.

  3. Phil, a well thought through piece and sadly I am in agreement with you where it comes to what constitutes news and how it is presented. I find a parallel situation where our politicians are more interested in political point scoring or getting re-elected (or both) than good policy development. That’s another variation of the ‘ratings game.’

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