Creative Leadership

When Teamwork Kills

Working with teams is a great idea. I’m a people person, and love to get the team around a table and hash out creative options and ideas. But teams aren’t the whole answer to our problems. While teams are great for brainstorming and developing ideas and options, teams can’t make decisions. Sure you can vote, but if organizations were democracies, very little would ever get done.

A team can decide how to take the hill, but sooner or later, a leader has to step up and decide which hill to take.

Some organizations spend 8-10 hours a day in marketing, strategy, or creative meetings. Not because it’s necessary, but because the leader is simply afraid to make a decision, so he farms it out to the group. It doesn’t take long before different factions conflict, and the meeting simply falls apart.

Use your team, but ultimately, if you’re the leader, it’s your decision. Use their insight, creativity, and expertise. But the vision is yours. Never dump your job on the team.

You’re the leader. Man up. Woman up. Make the call.

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