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What’s Your Most Creative Time of Day?

Simple question. We all have times of the day when we rock, and times when we don’t. For me, it’s the morning. From 6am to noon I can write like mad. I’m crazy creative. After lunch, I’m done. I can do phone calls, client meetings, and email, but after lunch I rarely can write anything worth reading or produce anything worth watching. Everyone has a time when they do their most creative work.

What’s that time for you? Figure it out. It will make a huge difference in your creativity, your productivity, and output. Without identifying it, you’ll never reach your potential.

So – What’s yours?

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  1. I’m an early bird and most productive in the mornings.  I can have creative ideas any time…so I just jot down quick notes so I don’t forget them…and then in the AM, will flush them out, write them out, etc.  Even if I have great ideas in the evening, I sit on them until the AM where I can compose my communications, rather than sending out ideas that sound half-baked.

  2. I’d say I’m pretty similar to you — creative before noon (but anti-social), and then a people-person in the afternoon and evening (but without inspiration).

  3. Is it weird to say that mine is right before bed or in the middle of the night ? Lol. I have a 15 month old and only work part time for right now. Some of my days seem like chaos. When I go to bed my brain goes nuts with ideas. I write it down and work on it the next day, it works!

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