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What’s On Your Phone? Erwin McManus

From time to time, I’m asking various influencers what’s on their phone’s home screen and why. Today we’re looking at Erwin McManus, founder of Mosaic in Los Angeles and bestselling author of books like “The Artisan Soul” and most recently, “The Last Arrow.” I’ve been friends with Erwin a long time, and he’s one of my favorite speakers – ever. In fact, I never listen to him speak without taking an enormous amount of notes, and I listen to the Mosaic podcast regularly when I work out. If you’re not in the LA area, I highly recommend either the Mosaic or the Erwin McManus podcast. Here’s what’s on his phone:

My Favorite Apps:
1. Mosaic App – I can stay connected to the Mosaic community and the DEEP section.
2. Instagram – It’s about storytelling through images.
3. Twitter – I love succinct thoughts.
4. YouVersion – It’s the only Bible I use now.
5. Spotify – Music for my soul.
6. Netflix – Daredevil and Original content!!

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  1. Nice to know Phil!
    I have Instagram, Twitter for the reasons he mentions.
    I have FB as I use it for being a brand ambassador for Christ. I have a substantial audience there and so use it to promote the right thoughts based on Scripture. It’s the way I connect with family and friends from all over the world.
    I have LinkedIn as that’s my site for linking with professionals.
    I have atleast 3 note taking apps that help me jot down quick thoughts that I get, even in my bed!
    I don’t keep any game apps or much music, since I don’t like or use the former and latter takes much memory to store.
    You version is there of course, and kindle for reading any time anywhere!
    Any comment/feedback, Phil?

  2. I look forward to more in this series! Love this ‘fly on the wall’ peak into what interesting people use on their devices. 🙂

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