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I’d love you readers to sound off on this issue. I’ve been writing this blog going on three years, and we keep a running total of which posts are responded to the most by readers. I try to address serious issues in the world of faith and media, and part of that role is bringing to your attention news and situations that happen in that world. So we would assume that your biggest responses are to major issues of the day? Or the questions we face regarding the future of media? Not quite. In general, most people
sound off on the controversial lives of TV evangelists. We’re saying we want to focus more and more on making change happen in media, and on the deeper issues we face trying to reach this culture. But we seem to prefer dwelling on the latest controversy in the religious media world. What gives?


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  1. I can only speak for me.  For me it has to do with my areas of familiarity, interest and expertise.  I like this blog because it hits on issues that relate at times to Church Growth, Organizational Leadership, Leadership development, and the general Christian community.

    I realize that it is a blog focused more on Branding and Media Impact but frankly that's a very narrow segment of expertise and if you have an open blog like you do I suspect a great deal of your traffic is coming from search engine hits of people looking for things that you touch on but perhaps aren't the driving focus of what you want to do here.

    I apologize to you if my interaction here is detracting.  Apart from getting caught up in some of the Televangelism threads I do try to answer with some substance in other areas where I can.

    How to solve that?  Moderate more perhaps and cut out the general comments and side debates that take place if they're distracting from what you're doing.  Maybe make the participants be screened to cut down on traffic but increase relevence.

    I think it's a great blog but if I'm not your intended audience and I or people like me are taking you places you don't want to go, I'd understand if you changed things up and respect your decision.

  2. we christians love juicy, tabloid-quality stories as much as non-christians. i hate to be simplistic, but i think that's all there is to it.

  3. I am not one who normally thrives on the titillating stories of fallen religious leaders, however, since I am a recent graduate of ORU, that was most definitely a huge attraction for me. Now that “change” has indeed happened I have moved on to the election we are currently going through.

    I would love to read about practical, hands on things that I could get involved in to promote change in the media. Perhaps you could recommend and give summaries of other material that could be read. Share ways one can make these media type changes within their church community and so on.

    Also, how can I import the “faith branding” into my blog or writing?

    I do like reading your blog. It is always very informative and I always walk away being challenged to think outside the box….and…I like that.

    Remaining Steadfast,


  4. Being an Australian reader I find a lot of the Current Affairs posts to be fairly irrelevant to me. I do enjoy reading them for Phil's comments on branding and his very clever tips of how that might be applied in church marketing and media.

    So definitely, the branding and marketing change comments are by far my prefered reading. 

  5. I'm new to your blog and I like the design (it's really cool), the content (how you talk about various world issues and news) and that you blog consistently. I'm more likely to post a comment on any blog if it's about a social justice, offers an insightful spiritual nugget or has an interesting take on something in the entertainment business. But if it's talking about some Christian scandal without asking people to pray first then I'll pass.

  6. I must admit it can be interesting reading about the "televangelist thing" but being an Australian I really dont know these personalities and as such find these post a tad boring. I read them as I feel maybe I will need to know something as Phil may comment on them later so a bit of knowledge helps with understanding but I love posts about strategy. Post challenging me to think a bit about any kind of stuff.

    Keep up the good work on this blog Phil

  7. I just came across your blog today for the first time. In scanning through your many recent posts (excellent posts, I might add), I was less drawn to the controversial topics you mention. However, this is a result of discipline, not nature.

    Having grown up in a family of newpaper journalists, all of whom have now left the field, a healthy caution towards sensationalist stories has been bred into me through their disillusionment with the medium.

    Please keep up with the "real" stuff, regardless of how many times or comments emerge. That's the stuff that will keep me coming back.


    Jamie Arpin-Ricci

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