What Christians Watch

Interesting perspective on what Christians watch from The Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Awesome thoughts about the Christian media industry. I think that the world needs to know that we are still here and we have the potential to be a huge influencing force. When we decide that we can work together and promote awesome Christian films, when there isn't a detracting factor like what happened in the Nativity Story, Hollywood has to take note and can be one of the best witnesses to them!

  2. Is the “Fireproof” claim of 33 million really accurate? I thought churches and philanthropists sponsored the movie in many cases; that is, they bought out entire theater showings to promote the movie, whether they filled those purchased seats is another matter. Am I mistaken?

    Kirk Cameron’s screaming match with his wife (in the beginning) felt unreal and turned me off to the film. Now, the Kendricks are new at the craft and God bless ’em. But personally, I put Wall-E, Slumdog Millionaire, and The Visitor at the top of my list of films that felt “Christian” or “redemptive,” and took me in. I also think “Lars And the Real Girl” was the best portrayal of Christians in a film in many years. But I may not be a norm.

  3. PS: I didn’t know Chad Allen was gay until after the release of “The End of The Spear.” Was this Buss’s hindsight 20/20, after Allen made “Save Me”? Or was Allen known as a gay activist?

  4. The producers of "End of the Spear" didn't know about Chad's sexual orientation until after casting and signing the contract.  Keep in mind you can't fire someone because of that reason.  But Chad was an excellent actor and everyone on the set tells me they enjoyed working with him.  Did it hurt the film's success?  Probably it did have an impact.  I also saw his film at Sundance about the character that goes through a "Christian gay treatment" program.  Although I had doubts going in, I found it to be a serious, thoughtful, and engaging movie.  Chad did a really good job looking at both sides of the issue.  

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