What Traveling in India Taught Me About Processing Email

For the last 10 days Kathleen and I have been in India, teaching at the Young Creative Leaders Conference in Kolkata and Chennai. In India, we’re about 12 hours different from our Cooke Media Group office in Los Angeles, and our clients across the United States. That means when I get up in the morning, the workday in the U.S. is done; and when I go to bed, it’s just starting. Since we’ve been teaching all day, and then going out for dinner with the leaders, I could only check email in the early morning and late evening. So here’s what I learned:

1) It wasn’t a problem.   Responding to email twice a day didn’t cause a single issue. No clients lost or even upset, and no deadlines were missed.

2) It was efficient.   Rather than wasting all day sitting at my computer waiting for each email message, I was out accomplishing things. I was teaching, working with local leaders, and maximizing our trip.

3) It was fast.   By batching my email and then processing all at once, I would start by deleting messages that didn’t matter, answer those I could deal with quickly, and defer those that needed more research or thought. Quick, neat and fast – because I had other things to do.

Stop wasting your day checking over and over for email. Turn off your notifications. After all, it’s been said that if you’re spending your day responding to email, then you’re spending your day responding to other people’s priorities.

Instead, start focusing on your priorities and start getting important things done.  Could any of these ideas change the way your process email?

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Everyday is full of lightning fast information through SMM, email and Internet. This brings us back to center and remiss us to stay in control 24/7/365. Prioritize and stay focused! Thank you and glad you are home!

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