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What The Influence Lab Accomplished in 2015

You may have heard about the launch of “The Influence Lab” last year. It’s a nonprofit organization designed to help change the perception of Christianity in today’s media-driven culture. As a result, one of our key missions is to teach and train Christians to use media more effectively, and do it on a global basis. That’s been a key focus this past year, and if you’ve prayed, or financially supported The Influence Lab, here’s just a partial list of the events where you helped us make a difference:

The United Kingdom – Kathleen and I were able to teach at J. John’s Evangelist Conference in the U.K. this year, where we shared insights about the media with hundreds of evangelists across the U.K. and Europe.

Singapore – We taught at the Eagles Leadership Conference, that was attended by nearly 2,000 Christian and secular leaders throughout Asia. In one of the sessions I taught alongside the former CEO of the largest mobile phone company in the region.IMG_6133

Los AngelesThe Ascend Women’s ConferenceKathleen was the co-director for the 3rd annual conference held here in Los Angeles. This year, stay tuned for some exciting new announcements from Kathleen focused on developing women in media.

South AfricaThe Association of Christian Media Conference in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This was our 2nd ACM conference in South Africa and this year we were able to do more in-depth teaching with more than 100 members from the radio, TV, and film community in that country.  We also were able to speak to seperate large gatherings of secular business leaders, pastors, and church communications professionals while we were there.

IMG_5554London – Hershey, PA – Atlanta, GA – Raleigh, NC – I had the amazing opportunity to speak at numerous conferences and events for The Salvation Army, including hosting the first ever, Salvation Army Boundless International Film Festival at the O2 Arena in London. We were also able to work with the SAVN.TV media team, which provided the media support and live streaming for The Salvation Army’s 150th Anniversary event in London.  Kathleen has joined the National Board of The Salvation Army, so we’re looking forward to partnering even more with that great organization in 2016.

Vancouver, Canada – We were speakers for The Istoria Conference, working with Pastor David Koop at Coastal Church focusing on the value and importance of storytelling in sharing the Christian message.

The list continues from the Prestonwood Academy Worldview Conference, Plano, Texas, to regional pastor’s conference hosted by CTN Network in Naples, Florida, to media, ministry, and leadership events to churches from Greenville, SC, to Washington, DC, to Memphis, Jacksonville, Florida, Long Beach, CA, and more.

IMG_4628Beginning in January, we’ll be developing a much larger strategy for 2016 and beyond, and making decisions on our next steps and what it will take from a donor development perspective. I’ll continue to update you and let you know more about how you can partner with The Influence Lab to continue making a difference around the world.

In the meantime, when you give to the cause, we’ll give you the eBook: “Starting from Scratch: What You Need to Know About Launching A Successful Nonprofit Organization.” It’s a compilation of advice from experts in marketing, fundraising, leadership, media, and more. If you’ve ever considered launching your own nonprofit or ministry organization, this is the guidebook you’ll need. Just click here to donate to The Influence Lab and receive your free copy!

Thanks for all your help this year, and we’re looking forward to an even bigger year in 2016!

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