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What Do You Hate About Your Career That You Need To Embrace?

I travel more than any normal person should. Because of a global speaking schedule, clients from across the country, and filming projects around the world, I spend way too much time in airports. In fact, last year, as I walked up to the American Airlines ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) the lady behind the ticket counter looked up and said, “Mr. Cooke! Welcome back! It’s so nice to see you again!”

At that moment the thought hit me that if the ticket counter lady at the world’s sixth busiest airport knows my name, then I’m traveling way too much. Honestly, traveling that much used to really bug me. I missed my time at home, my privacy, being with my family, and it really started to get me down.

And that’s when I realized: Travel is my life. I have the incredible opportunity to work with the best clients in the country, speak at amazing global conferences, and film in the most interesting locations around the world. What’s the alternative? Stay at home and do something else?

That’s the moment I embraced my travel schedule. I stopped looking at it as a burden, and started looking at it as an opportunity – and a joy. I started buying things that would make my travel life easier, beginning with a better set of luggage. Then I joined the airline lounge to make my time in airports more productive.

I realized that what I hated about my career, could be something I loved, if I just viewed it differently.  Now, travel doesn’t bother me at all.

So the question I’m asking you is – what do you hate about your career that you need to embrace? What’s the big frustration – that if viewed from a different perspective, could turn into an asset, an opportunity, and perhaps even a joy?

Think about it. Because being miserable at your job is no way to live. And just perhaps – if you re-considered that thing that drives you crazy, it could become the best job in the world….

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  1. Within the next month I shall be working in six different countries and taking nine flights – two of them transatlantic. I love the travelling, I really enjoy meeting people and finding out about their culture. It’s the flying I hate. Whenever we hit turbulence I get edgy. I grip the hand rests. I close my eyes. Closing my eyes helps, because the astigmatism I suffer from tends to make the plane appear to bend during turbulence. I long to find a way of embracing the part of flying I hate but to date I haven’t.

    1. Nice to know about other insane travelers out there… 🙂
      Regarding your issues with flying, that sounds like a good class or session with an expert would help. I know some folks who where terrified of flying, and after a few classes, completely were turned around… Good luck with it, and thanks for posting!

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