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We’re working right now with numerous clients, helping them move their television programming to the web – both through streaming video and podcasting. What I’ve been preaching on the subject is “short.” The Internet isn’t really a dumping ground for your full length programming. Posting a 30 minute show on the web doesn’t necessarily mean you’re experiencing “convergence.”

Perhaps in the future, when computer/TV/home entertainment centers have become one box, that will be the preference, and people will sit still that long. But for now, people digest online entertainment in short spurts.

The only exception to that rule is podcasting. I prefer them short, but others like them longer. A friend of mine listens to his podcasts during his commute to work, so he wants them to be at least 30 minutes. I’m more on the A.D.D. side, so I like them short and sweet. It also seems that the younger the audience, the shorter they prefer them.  (At least I think young… 🙂

And remember – anytime you change the medium, you change the customer/audience expectations as well as the way it’s used. A lightbulb isn’t a candle you plug into the wall. A car isn’t a horse with wheels. A TV isn’t a radio with pictures. And an effective web-based media center isn’t simply a website with a bunch of long videos.

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  1. Hi Phil,

    What you're saying made me think of how great it would be if you could put together a monthly Top 10 of "Shorts" made by Christians. That could be a good catalyst for more and more experimenting and creating.

    Jeff Reid

  2. Short is sweet and to the point the hard thing that I find is people in our church audiences seem to like to get the entire service so we have tried not to edit to much out yet we try to cut some out with out changing the meaning of the message, I am working with my pastor now to try and get him to do just a podcast what we do now is a short 15min radio show that i alter just a bit so that it fits more in a modern podcast format so monday thru friday they get the short bits and then on the weekend can get the full service it seems to be working but any ideas are greatly apprecaitaed…

    ps cant wait for your podcast…much needed and a little overdue
  3. We have an interesting phenomenon in play where I work… seems the web user has a much less appetite for polished pieces and would rather see something "raw".  This was also a statement made by several of the panelists at one of the NAB discussions I witnessed.  Hearing complete dialogs (like IMUS's comments or Alec Baldwin's rant) with their own ears — in its full form — is much more desired by the web user.  We have cut back dramatically on our effects and polish and are offering the content in a fairly straight-forward and, yes, short format.  The article you reference is very interesting!

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