The Church Marketing Webcast with Me and Brad Abare

Here’s the playback of Conversant Life’s live webcast with me and Brad Abare. Send this link to every pastor, ministry leader, or church media person you know. Sorry – the free download of my book is over.  But I’d love to hear your thoughts about our discussion.

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  1. There are some great insights in this conversation. I would love to share this whole video with our church board, but it’s probably better if I sum it up in a one-page piece for them. They don’t geek out on this stuff like some of us… 🙂

    Your caution about leaders and communications types not being on the same wavelength is key. That is a tricky tightrope. It’s particularly tricky because leadership almost always comes from more than one specific person. There’s a team that need to buy into these ideas.

    The element of culture (gently) trumping vision is something that I really believe in. This is probably going to be the biggest takeaway for me. After a major crisis, our church is trying to redefine itself. Currently we’re struggling to come up with a cohesive, singular vision for everyone to align with. Since this process started in earnest, I’ve felt like culture would be a much stronger, better direction for us to pick. Your words have improved my vocabulary to articulate that. Thanks! 🙂

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