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Online TV Series are Taking on Prime Time

The Wall Street Journal today reports that online TV series viewing of “webisodes” – programing produced specifically for the web, is now being watching in prime time.  Traditionally, online contect has been primarily viewed during the day – mostly at work or by college students.  But now, numerous online sources such as Blip.TV are reporting serious gains in evening viewing hours.  Does that mean that online programming is finally starting to move into traditional network TV programs?  We’ve long known that
more and more people were watching online, however, for the most part they were still watching traditional network shows like CSI, The Mentalist, and others from CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox – mostly on places like Hulu.  But now, originally produced online “webisodes” are cutting into that domination.  While it’s not a full length program, our commercial company, TWC Films just produced an interesting webisode for Breyer’s Ice Cream.  It was heavily effects driven, and a “spot/webisode hybrid” that was mentioned in Advertising age.  You can check it out here.

Two thoughts:

1.  Advertisers – are you listening?  Hopefully more and more advertisers will step up to support online original programming.

2.  Producers – are you thinking about this?  Now more than ever it’s easier, faster, and cheaper to produce for the web than traditional network TV.  Maybe it’s time to pull those scripts out of the drawer and start shooting…

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