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People Are Watching More TV, Not Less

Just when you thought social media and online entertainment were replacing traditional TV viewing, Emmy Magazine and Nielsen reports that we shouldn’t count TV out yet.  When DVR’s are factored in, TV viewing is actually up 12.3% – especially for prime time viewing.  Some other interesting information from the latest reports indicate that only about half of DVR’s fast forward through commercials, and comedies and science-fiction programs are doing well, but reality isn’t.  DVR owners are also using Friday night to catch up on programs they’ve recorded during the week.

When the network started programming weaker shows on Friday nights, viewers apparently decided to use that night to enjoy better programs recorded earlier in the week.  The most popular DVR programs?

1.  The Office
2.  Heroes
3.  Dollhouse
4.  Fringe
5.  Smallville
6.  Glee
7.  So You Think You Can Dance?  (Tues.)
8.  30 Rock
9.  House
10.  So You Think You Can Dance?  (Wed.)

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  1. I agree. When I want to just sit for a few minutes and unwind, The Office can be a pretty good distraction. Since I rarely watch TV, I certainly don’t want to see someone else’s reality. Give me funny!

  2. I’m sure there is a good reason for Mr. Burke’s weeping, but there is some very good news in this announcement. And come on, Burke, anyone with the middle name of Winkler must have a secret love of the Happy Days of television.

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