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Want to Succeed? Understand What Matters to Your Client or Employer

Our team at Cooke Media Group worked with a couple of our vendors recently who are great people, very talented, and highly skilled.  The problem?  They don’t understand business.  I don’t want to embarrass them so I can’t be too specific. But let’s just say that although they did great work, there were mistakes that the vendors thought were really minor. In fact they almost laughed them off because they didn’t consider them important. However, they weren’t minor to me – the guy who owns the business. And they cost me a lot of money. If you want to be a successful freelancer, employee, or vendor – here’s what I recommend:

Know what’s important to the client.

You may want to create art – but believe me, art doesn’t matter when the supply chain gets screwed up.

You may want to win awards – but believe me, the client doesn’t care about your awards.  All they care about is results.

You may want to enhance your resume or demo reel – but believe me, the client isn’t in business to make you look good.

Put the client’s needs first, and you’ll have a long and happy relationship.  Otherwise, things will go very badly.


Your Client

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  1. This is a big one. Its often difficult to understand what your client or employer truly wants. The best way I can tell is by looking at what they actually pay for. Its a crude measurement, but look for where there treasure is. That’s where you’ll find their heart.

  2. When I stop laughing, I’ll comment.

    This morning, I just blurbed about the same topic on, regarding SNAP’s “Is Relationship Selling Dead?” post.

    Stay tuned into The Light.

    Voncelle Volté

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