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Vote on Principle, not Personality

In a mature democracy, people vote on principle, not personality.  But in a media-driven world, celebrity worship takes precedent over actual content.  So today, the challenge for presidential candidates is to reach the public through pithy sound bites, hip commercials, and media buzz.  Gone are the days when presidential debates went on most of the day, and people actually had an attention span that could take in a 2-4 hour speech.  Ultimately, it’s not about
what you think of a particular personality, but what you think of his or her party platform.  What are the principles that will underline a candidate’s presidency?   Get the information.  Understand the platform.  Vote for principles, not personality.


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  1. The insiders are very afraid. Barak can tell his “faith” story far better than McCain. More and more evangelicals are saying things like: “Prolife, anti gay republican presidents have really done little for us on these issues.” Change is in the wind. 200,000 Germans can’t be wrong. Barring some huge gaff… get ready for President BHO. Question: Will he get invited to address the NRB?

  2. I'm not sure who is saying those things. No one I know.

     On issues this election, the most moderate candidate wins. The most moderate candidate is actually McCain. Obama is trying to spin himself as a more moderate figure, but any look at his platform shows he is much further left than McCain is right.

    Sady, we don't vote the issues in this country. 


  3. Agree with Steve on this one.  I don't want to see inside the brain.  on the post…I have never voted for personality.  To the Germans, Hitler had personality.  So did Lenin and Castro.  Doesn't mean it is best.  I cringe at the rock star status given BHO.  It is like listening to a love fest.  Vote on principles.  Vote for me.  Ah, on second thought I wouldn't want that job for all the money in the world. 

  4. I think people are voting principles and personality.  Personality….look at the goo-goo and gah-gah of the Obama crowds.  Admitedly, when these voters are interviewed, especially the younger ones, they are unable to give you anything concrete about what Obama plans to do.   Their answers are always the same, "He is going to bring change," with that aura of blind faith in their eyes. They are unable to verbalize in an intelligent way what that "change" is going to be.  Part of the reason is Obama changes his positions from day to day and even moment to moment.  As for debates, "content" is what concerns Obama.  In a debate with McCain, "content" is what will kill Obama…this is why he hates and avoids public debates with his opponent. 

    The flip side of this is that Obama has given us some very clear principles…heavy taxation, universal healthcare (Hillarycare), more government controls, strip our defense, wealth redistribution (socialism), destroy our economy with increasing fuel prices by not drilling, anywhere, and destroying our unborn.  These principles and  others are what many aspire to from the left.  So, I don't think it is just personality….liberal Hollywood, the far left elite, the secular liberal left and the George Soroce's all know what they are doing.  Ultimately, they are trying to CHANGE the face of America.  Historically, when a nation loses it's moral compass and respect for life…its days are numbered.

  5. And, if that test were required of our presidents…we'd probably be back to having kings and queens, because not many of the men who have been in the oval office would pass such tests!

    I'd rather not see inside their brains…it would be a terrible waste of my time…

  6. Presidential candidates should be required to sit a test covering important areas such as (non US) history, economics, spelling, comprehension, comparative religions and accounting.

    The results should be independantly reviewed and published online for the whole world to see inside thier brains.

    Im sorry, I know this sounds extreme – but the US President is the most powerful politician on earth.

  7. Goo-goo and gah-gah this Amerikan!

    Did you forget that people voted for Bush because they thought he was someone they liked to have a beer with.
    Talk about an aura of blind faith.
    Instead of parroting the GOP talking points, why don't you read one of Obama's books and learn what he is about.
    PS: I live in liberal Hollywood. You think you know us but you don't. We are hard working people who care about our families. I'm sure you also think that one can't be a Christian and be a Liberal Democrat. How dare you question my moral compass.

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