A Last Look at the View-Master

The View-Master – a gizmo we all grew up with is dead.  After 70 years, Mattel has finally pulled the plug.  They were especially famous for featuring tourist attraction photos, and at most vacation spots you could always find them in the gift shop.   It’s always emotional when something you grew up with goes away, and this will be no exception.  Any parting words from our readers?

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  1. I think the new Thumbnail pics on Facebook looks like the View-Master® pics that I use to pop out of the reels…

  2. It was only my rich cousins that had the viewmaster when I grew up.  The downside is that this news dashes my hopes of finally being able to get a viewmaster of my own.   The next thing you know, the superball and the frisbee will be gone.   We can be thankful that the plastic overlay where you could draw along with Gumby and Pokey is gone.  Doesn’t work well with Plasmas.  



     I vividly recall playing with my little red View-Master…slipping outside to pretend I was looking through binoculars…imagining myself traveling throughout the mysterious world beyond my backyard, even though I didn’t dare step foot off our back porch.

    Something magical occured in my imagination everytime I pushed down the black switch on the side to change the slide… with one look I was whisked away from Warren, Ohio and transported to some glorious place called Elsewhere. Sigh… My View-Master,  a few specific books and LPs created some special moments in my childhood between 1960-1965.

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