Your Value, Versus the Value of Your Ideas

This is a simple principle, but one worth mentioning: Never allow your value to be confused with the value of your ideas. In other words, you have enormous value and worth. You are God’s creation and are unique. But your ideas are something very different. The ideas you generate at work, school, or at home, may be great, average, or downright terrible. But that has nothing to do with your personal worth.

If you want to get to the highest level of creativity, learn to separate your value from the value of your ideas. Too many inexperienced writers, artists, producers, or business people take judgment of their ideas personally. When an idea gets rejected, they become depressed or upset. They take it on the chin.

But a real professional simply goes back to the drawing board and tries again. He or she knows that the value of a particular idea has nothing to do with their personal value, any more than losing a case says nothing about the personal value of an attorney.

Leave your ego at home if you want to compete in the world of ideas. Learn that most of your ideas won’t work. But I’ve discovered that the only way to generate great ideas is to generate a lot of ideas.

It’s a simple thought, but one that we need to be reminded of from time to time.

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