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Ubiquity – Whatever It Is, You Need It!

One of my strongest memories of growing up in the South is “fish camps” – restaurants that usually serve fried fish of all kinds. They have always been incredibly popular along the Catawba River outside Charlotte, North Carolina where I grew up. So as adults, when we would visit my parents near Charlotte, we’d still head for a fish camp. That’s where I stumbled on this fantastic photo of a church advertisement on the inside of a toilet stall door.

It was in the men’s room of a fish camp near Gastonia, and it made such an impression on me, I wrote about it last year as soon as I returned from the trip.

But the idea of advertising – even on a restroom stall door – says a lot about a brand’s “ubiquity.” The dictionary defines ubiquity as “being everywhere.” It’s how we describe the omnipresence of God – He’s everywhere all the time. Today, ubiquity is also an important term in branding and identity, because the more your customers or audience sees you, the stronger your brand comes in their mind.

A few days ago, I was talking to Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church and writer of Your Best Life Now, and we discussed his podcast. Joel’s not the most computer savvy guy out there, but he does have a strong sense and understanding of the media and how it impacts culture. He produces a podcast, and it’s hovering in the top 20 of all podcasts in the world. Within a few months of its creation, Joel had about 400,000 people registered to download the weekly podcast.

The podcast is free, and frankly takes some effort, expense, and manpower to edit, upload, and manage each week, but we talked about its value and ubiquity. With his weekly program, the success of his book, his appearances on programs like Larry King, and now the podcast, it’s increasing the value of the Joel Osteen brand across a wider range of media. Momentum is happening. As a result, more people come in contact with his message, and more lives are touched.

So don’t think you have to get a financial return on every media investment. There’s power and value in just “being out there.” That’s why uploading to Youtube, podcasting, streaming, and other forms of digital media matter.

Ubiquity. Get out there, and get your message heard.

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  1. NO YOU DID-N'T! Man, I didn't know you grew up 'round here. I freakin' LIVE in Gastonia, bro. Next time you're "home" we gotta hang out, OK? The hush puppies are on me. My treat.

  2. Keeping up with Gastonia, North Carolina 24/7 through the web…. We do live in a digital age, don't we? 

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