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Two Questions You Need To Stop Obsessing Over

Whenever you launch a project, or develop a new idea, there are two questions you should never ask at the start: 1) What will it cost? and 2) When will it be ready? Sadly, once those two questions are on the table, they tend to drive every corporate decision, creative idea, advertising campaign, and nonprofit cause. The problem is, when you let budgets and deadlines drive your ideas, you get ideas that can easily be paid for and delivered – not ideas that change the world.

Next time you launch a project or meet about a new initiative, give it a little space.  Think beyond the budget and deadline boundaries, and see what happens. Obviously budget and deadlines matter, but when they lead the discussion, they diminish the possibilities.

Open yourself up. See what could happen if there were no limits. Because you never know – the ideas that result could be so great, it would force you to upgrade your budget and push your deadline.

Imagine that…..

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