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Twittering in Church: A Good Thing?

Until recently, the idea of pulling out your cell phone in church was the height of trashy behavior.  But now, pastors all over the country are encouraging their members to Twitter during the service, sending out “tweets” of notes, ideas, and principles from the message to their many followers.  Have you done it?  Would your pastor freak out?  Is there a place in the worship service for technologies like Twitter?  What do you think?

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  1. No, well maybe, well I try not to. Honestly, I turn my phone on silent while in church. But if I get a buzz I’ll check quickly to see if the Tweet is worth viewing. Forgive me father for I have sinned.

  2. In spite of the question I don’t think the point is the medium, aka Twitter. Using any medium to love, encourage, and exhort others is always positive and is what the Bible commands. I think the medium must scare people or you wouldn’t have asked the question. And it is true that Twittering during church could be distracting just like talking would be. But what about TV cameras in church? What about microphones? What about giant screens? What about drums? (Yes, some of us remember when drums weren’t welcome in church, and in some places not yet!)

    Type "one another’s of the Bible" into Google and you’ll see that there’s a ton of things we can do in Twitter that encourage one another, a perfect use of Twitter or any medium.

    Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! If that’s Twitter then so be it!


  3. We have an entire sermon series planned around Twittering its called @braham.
    We have registered his name and will tweet throughout the week end encourage followers in faith and spiritual disciplines.  We won’t take tweets during the actual service.

    My job as Director of Technology is to educate the rest of the staff by June 1 so when we roll it out they know what and why we are doing it…  And I will use a quote from your book:

    It’s not how we want to communicate with them. It’s how they want to communicate with us.
    Why would we ignore an entire generation because we don’t understand their chosen method
    of communication?
    -Phil Cooke The Last TV Evangelist

  4. personally I find people mostly using their PDAs kind of rude, just like when you’re in a meeting and people are texting away. It usually means they’re not paying attention. Twitter, however, is a little different. If the person is twittering ABOUT the service itself, then that seems interesting. But if they are communicating with other people about nothing to do w/ service then I think it’s disrespectful.

  5. I’m a Pastor, and a Twitter user. I think it’s totally fine, but I don’t think I’d officially encourage or mention it. Why? Because while I think it’s both fun and useful, most of my members would simply think it silly, which would distract from the message and take away from the seriousness of the moment. And yes, I’ve tweeted in church. It was slightly embarassing…

  6. I’m a twitter and facebook user, and in my new place of service I serve as the Pastor of Worship and Communications(technology/marketing). I love this combo position, but I find myself conflicted on issues like these. The worship side of me says that anything distracting your sole focus being on God within the service should be avoided. However, the Communications side of me wants to use and promote EVERY means of communication and interactive community-building tools I can. This being said, my church is still fairly traditional and not ready for the twitter revolution. I polled my choir the other night and less than 50% said they even had a text message capable phone. None used twitter and just a few used facebook. I’ll end with a confession. Since I was in the soundbooth tonight, I actually almost sent a text to another tech in the church. I paused, and although I knew no one was watching, I still decided not to send the text. Conditioning or conscience philosphical choice? Maybe both?

  7. I have. I go to a church that is progressive and eager to try new things to reach out and connect in new and meaningful ways with out community. I think there are more benefits than disadvantages. I know there are folks following me that probably aren’t Christians, that probably wouldn’t make the conscious choice to attend an organized church service. If tweeting Biblical truths, while being real and approachable with it, leads to questions or seeking on the part of some of my followers, all the better. I think the big thing is consistency. No different than in our face to face relationsihps. The message is crucial and I believe any way and any media that can be used, should be used.

  8. I have done it a few times, but don’t feel too comfortable doing it in the service because I think it may disturb other people attending the service. On the other hand; to broadcast the main points or the points that speaks to me gave me a lot of nice comments back on Facebook as I have my twitter account connected to Facebook.

    Today, I took a photo from the worship with my Nokia N95 cell phone and sent it to Twitpic along with the words "I will rejoice." It may catch some interest from people who want to see what I am rejoicing about. Hopefully, it can stir some good feelings about worshipping the Lord.

  9. I’m all for it – It’s just like note-taking, except it’s shared with many people.


    The only problem I see is when the phone buttons CLICK, which is very, very distracting.   

  10. How does "twittering" help God indwell us?

     How can we "Behold, He Has Come Quickly" in others and salute them, and honor them for manifesting Our Christ… when twittering away?

    How can we be THAT indwelt vessel, that "Behold, I Come Quickly" comes into… when twittering away?

    How can we see with the eyes of the spirit, if we are consumed with the digital technology of the day?

    To "BEHOLD" means to see with the eyes of the spirit, doesn’t it?

    Will Jesus return in us while we twitter?

    Or does Jesus return in the saints among us who hearken unto His voice (and ways of the Spirit)… rather than twitter away in digitial distraction?

    Or… is Jesus actually coming through all this twitter?

    Is it then a question of what spirit are we of?  Digital distraction?  Or heavenly attraction?

    "Behold, I Come and Return in You as You Twitter!"  Or not?


  11. Either some of you have ADD or your pastor is so boring you have to multi-task on your phone to keep from going crazy during a service. If that is the case i suggest finding a church where you get fed.

    The Holy Spirit does not interrupt itself when speaking to people. If the Spirit is speaking to you through the pastor then you should be listening and taking to heart what the Spirit is saying. If you are texting then you are not giving full attention and you are likely annoying someone near you with your activity.

    Better to ask the person to come to church with you so you both can be blessed, or wait until after the service and either visit or call them and tell them what wonderful thing God did in church today. Reading a tweet is like eating popcorn, there is usually very little substance in it.

    I go to a large church and they make announcements before every service for people to turn off their pagers, phones, and their flashing light blue tooth’s and still in every service you can hear someone’s crazy ringtone that disturbs right when the pastor is at the crux of the matter.

    Really, is church such a waste of time that you can’t give Jesus your undivided attention for such a short spell? 

  12. Wow – I didn’t think I was all that far ahead of the curve.  I live twitter our message each weekend so people can either stay connected if they are out of town or can prepare for attending themselves at another service.

    I guess the question is -what are you tweeting – what you’re going to do after church or the message that needs to get out of the church?

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