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TV Viewing at an All Time High

Sound strange?  According to Neilsen Ratings Service, TV viewing is at an all time high.  They report that the number of hours Americans spend watching TV is continuing to increase despite people also spending more time in front of their computers and PDAs. The average person spends four hours and 49 minutes per day in front of the tube, up four minutes from the 07-08 season and rising 20% from 10 years ago.  As I’ve said before,
the radio didn’t displace movies, TV didn’t displace radio, and now, the Internet will not displace TV.  After all, TV is “America’s Campfire.”  American Idol is what we talk about on Monday around the water cooler.  Programmer’s take note.  While people are moving to the web, there will always be a place for TV, although it will emerge as a uniquely different medium.

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  1. WOW. Five hours a day?! Come home from work, watch tv while you eat dinner, and continuing to watch tv until you pass out in bed.

    Sounds wonderful.

    Something positive: Combine with your previous post, 14-24 year olds watch less than half as much tv as the overall average.


    I agree that threre will always be a place for TV and I think (hope) it will be around at least during my lifetime…I’m exploring new ways to better analysis its true effectiveness for programmers and marketing opportunities.

    Couple of side notes of interest on the Nielsen data:

    The average household logged eight hours and 21 minutes on average, also a record high.

    Primetime viewing didn’t grow, with viewers on average spending one hour and 12 minutes with TV during the key daypart as they did last year. But the three hours — one eighth of a day — accounted for one quarter of average individual viewing.

    Nielsen attributed the growth in viewership to several factors, including more TVs in homes (I have 3 sets), more channels to choose from (I have Direct TV) and an increased usage of DVRs (I do that too).


  3. I keep thinking that not having cable TV in my house has saved me tons of money and time.  But truth be told, I’ve just replaced it with TV on the internet, Facebook & Farmville, and other computer stuff.  So it would be hypocritical to say that almost 5 hours of time in front of the tube each day is a lot, when I do the same in front of the computer or with my Blackberry.  I am a silly man.

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