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Ted Haggard Promoting New Documentary on His Fall

The Associated Press reports that former pastor Ted Haggard is out promoting a new HBO documentary about his rise and fall.  He’ll appear at a press tour in January to pump the new doc “The Trials of Ted Haggard.”  The film is directed by Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Nancy Pelosi and producer of an earlier and controversial documentary on Christians called “Friends of God.”)  The new film is set to air on
HBO January 29th.  Reports are that this isn’t another news style report of the 2006 scandal involving Mike Jones but a reality-based documentary in which Ted and Gayle Haggard are active participants.  Information indicates that Haggard states in the film that he experienced same-sex play in the second grade and currently continues to struggle with same-sex attraction. He also states that it was therapists and not the church that helped him to understand his sexuality. Haggard is no longer bound by an agreement with New Life Church that prevented him from talking publicly about the sex scandal that forced him to resign in 2006.


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  1. This only seems to prove Haggard's lack of sincerity, in that he refuses to go through the full repentance process and, instead, goes to the world arena to validate his personal choices.  He doesn't have to be accountable to a secular audience and can conveniently play the role of victim, blaming the "intolerant" Body of Christ for its unwillingness to accept his actions. 
    I don't doubt that he does struggle with his sexuality, but, if he was really honest about wanting to get healing and help, he would continue to receive private counseling to overcome his issues.  Instead, he is subjecting his family to more humiliation by having their personal business exposed to worldly viewers. who are already seeking to find more fault with Christianity.  This seems to me to be motivated primarily by his own narcissism and longing to return to the spotlight in some manner.  For a man who once garnered the attention of the politically powerful and who had tremendous influence in high places, his fall had to have been devastating to his ego.
    I wonder what he hopes to achieve by his participation in this documentary. All it will do is to cause more unsaved people to write off all Christians as being hypocrites and liars.  I am guessing that Pelosi is going to present Haggard's  unbalanced perspective, without giving fair time to those who have a differing point of view. 
    I feel sorriest for his wife and children, who are compelled to go along for the ride, no matter how dearly it costs them.  I would not be surprised soon to hear that Haggard has embraced the "inclusion" gospel practiced by folks like Carlton Pearson.
    It's all very sad.
  2. As an Australian, reading this report just confirms what we Aussie think of fallen American Pastors. I was in the US in the 80s when Jim Baker et al 'fell' and it astounded me then those guys had the temerity to think that they had a right to get back into ministy. Haggard's case saddened me, but to read that he is now following the example of the Bakers and is using his betrayal of his calling as a minister to make money (I'm sure he's not doing it for nothing) will continue to undermine the good of other men and women of God.

  3. Please give us more clarity on the statement, "a therapist helped him understand his sexuality and not the church".  What does he mean his sexuality?  Something is off.

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