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Transform Your Wound into Something of Value

I was reminded recently that a pearl actually comes from an oyster’s wound.  Pearls are formed inside an oyster’s shell as a defense mechanism to a potentially threatening irritant such as a parasite. When the injury happens, the pearl is produced to actually seal off the irritation.  The result is something rare and of great value.  I began to wonder how often we could be turning our wounds into something of value?  And yet we rarely do.  Most of us allow hurts and pain to continue irritating us for the rest of our lives.

I have a friend who was cheated in business, and he never ceases to talk about it. Another who’s wife left him and he has yet to get over it – even after 30 years. Pain doesn’t just go away, and shallow, positive thinking may sooth for the moment, but we always wake up the next morning still hurting.

Reality matters. Wounds are real. But dwelling on the pain doesn’t help us move on.  If we can embrace our pain, acknowledge it, and use it to make us stronger, wiser, and more healthy, perhaps we can gain something of great value from the experience.

No one likes a wound, but to create something beautiful from it, is something wonderful indeed.


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  1. We have an awesome leader and pastor at Celebration Covenant Church in Frisco, TX named Keith Craft and he recommends that everyone be apart of Celebrate Recovery.  This program and with God’s help, you move past the past and into the destiny that God has for you.  Give the world a healthy you so that you can come along side someone else that is walking where you have already walked and encourage them in the process.  We have to get past ourselves to help each other.  Life is not about us but about Him and the sooner we get it, the better off we are going to be.  The wounds of the enemy that were meant to harm can be turned for God’s Glory in your testimony.  Think, Be & DO Life as a Blessing not a curse.

  2. So true, so true.  And I think that includes the pain of bitterness too.  I find myself becoming more and more bitter towards the church and Christianity because of their backwardness.  But, even if I’m right, I’m not helping by being Mr. Critical.  What ever happened to edification?  I should take my “wounds” and do something with it–turn it into beauty!

  3. Several years ago, I was involved in a fatal hunting accident that took the life of my cousin. Over the years God and counseling has helped me come to terms with what I did. It took 11 years before I could first speak of what happened to others. Since then, God has brought along people struggling with similar pain and allowed me to tell my story of His grace. God in his creative wonder has used a shattering accident to help others in their pain.

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