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My Top Posts of 2014

The posts below are my top 20 blog posts of 2014.  I’ve had more readers this year than ever, so I’m always checking to see what areas I should focus.  Take a look at this list and let me know what subjects you think I should write about more:

1.  Why I’m Recommending Christians See the Movie “Noah.”

2.  The Noah Movie Opens Today.  Christians Run for the Hills.

3.  Robin Williams’ Death and Why the World Thinks We’re Idiots

4.  First Look:  Christian Leaders Speak Out on the Noah Movie

5.  How Christians Should React to Bill Maher’s Shocking Statements

6.  The Salvation Army’s Amazing New Advertising Campaign

7.  What Christians in the Spotlight Know that You Might Not

8.  What Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Can Teach Church Worship Leaders

9.  Multi-Camera Video Directors in the Church: Why It Shouldn’t Be a Volunteer

10. What’s Right About Mega-Churches

11. Welcome to the Christian Attack Culture

12. Christian Media: Who’s Doing it Right

13. How to Deal with Petty and Insecure People

14. Should Christians Watch a Bible Movie Directed by an Atheist?

15. How to Introduce a Speaker

16. The Data is In:  The Noah Movie is Driving People to the Bible

17. Why Worship Leaders Should End the Rehearsal Before the Congregation Comes In

18. Name Calling:  Why Do Christians Do It?

19. Why are the Ignorant so Confident?

20. 14 Things Every Communication Director Needs to Know

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  1. Here’s a few suggestions Phil:

    -Continue to call Christians to a higher standard within and outside the church, as it relates to interacting with each other, as well as non-Christians.
    -Continue to discuss controversial movies/news headlines.
    -Responses to church trends/cultural trends.
    -Media production etiquette and flow. What does a good media team look like and how does it operate? … because not all ministries who use media are aware.
    -How to create a loyal audience. The subject of trust.
    -Business relationships and networking.
    -Employer/employee relationships.
    -How to improve an organizations PR.
    -How does an organization re-brand itself?
    -Media marketing trends, where are they focused in 2015?
    -Stories, your real-life experiences are always relatable.

    I look forward to another year of posts and discussions on your blog.

  2. I think you need to give people a chance to share their views on the film Noah. I think you might have missed a trick on that front…

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