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Church Advertising to a REALLY Captive Audience

When it comes to innovative church advertising, Pilgrim Baptist Church in Gastonia, North Carolina should win an award. While visiting my parents outside of Charlotte recently, we stopped at “Big Man’s” fish restaurant in nearby Gastonia. When I visited the restroom, I discovered Pilgrim’s unique advertising campaign inside the stall door. Talk about a captive audience.
The brainchild of this marketing approach seems to be “Water Closet Advertising.” Give them a call when you need to get your message across in a confined space with no escape. I guess this is what it means for churches to “heed the call.”


  1. Their ads belong in the toilet considering the recent press they got.  Check out or, heck, just google church in blackface.  Sick.

  2. Well, when you are exorcising the concentrated evil out of you… who better to turn to than the church?? They can be sure to get you off the constipated path of destruction and in to the laxitive-filled services. Hear two sermons and in no time flat…you’ll be better prepared for fighting the evil from within.

    And now, let us prepare ourselves for confession by turning to hymn 284, "I Need Thee Every Hour" (in the bathroom).

  3. We did this often at Frontline….didn’t realize we were so cutting edge or as all of you innovative thinkers like to say…forward thinking!

  4. Perhaps this is a bit different than "advertising" but several times I’ve found evangelistic tracts resting on the toilet paper dispenser n the bathroom stalls in "Cracker Barrel" restaurants along I-75 in Florida.  The last one I read was called "Are you 100% sure?".  Well done. Straight and to the point. How can you resist picking up reading materials like this?  (Especially when there is no sports section or comics nearby).

  5. Reminds me of that hymnal game. Ever play it during church? It’s the one where you randomly turn to some hymn and add "in the bathroom" to the end. Oh it’s good fun! "No Dying There" in the bathroom. "Where Could I Go?" in the bathroom. "Come Your Hearts and Voices Raising" in the bathroom.

    Now just wait till Sunday… 

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