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To Find The Answer, Look Beyond The Obvious

Sometimes, we want to find an answer to a problem so badly that we grasp at anything – or just as bad, grasp the first obvious or potential answer that seems to appear. But “coincidences” happen far too often and can derail our best projects.  For instance, what if you’re in charge of donor development for a nonprofit organization, and experiment one month writing your donor letter on yellow paper?  Then, what if that letter gets the biggest response you’ve had in a year?  

Far too many would naturally assume it was the yellow paper, and from that point on, use yellow paper on every donor appeal, regardless of the cause, the wording of the appeal, or the urgency. Yellow paper worked once, so use it from then on.

You’d be amazed at the number of people who assume the most obvious factor is the answer, and never take the time to look more closely.

Coincidences happen – actually they happen more often than you’d expect. So don’t be deceived. Test the results. Double check. Go deeper.

If it’s the yellow paper, then great.  But if not, you’re heading for a huge problem.

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