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Thou Shalt Laugh II Wraps Production

Thou Shalt Laugh II finished production last night and by all counts the series continues to get better and better. Produced by Jonathan Bock and Hunt Lowry, and directed by yours truly, it was a terrific event, all shot on High Definition video. We start editing this week, so look for the DVD this fall.

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  1. Phil, great job on the last years, glad to here you are doing another one. For those who haven't seen it you must check it out.

  2. I just got home from the taping of "Thou Shalt Laugh 2"… and I'm still smiling! Everyone was amazing!!! I'm so happy that I decided to go. It was a great blessing! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. My husband, sons Grant and Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed last night's taping of Thou Shalt Laugh II. We own the first one (plus all the Bananas DVDs and various other ones, Robert G Lee, Brad Stine, Paul Aldridge, Chondra Pierce, Kenn Kington, Ken Davis, Mark Lowry, Clean Comedians…) We are huge fans of Christian comedy and my youngest son has considered becoming a stand-up comedian himself (he did a short routine in front of his youth group that was well-received.) Thor and Taylor are among are most favorite (we really like Micheal Jr too.) My question for you is how do you select the comedians for your projects?

  4. First, through viewing DVD's of their previous performances and getting feedback from others who have seen them as well.  If they're performing locally, we'll sometimes go see them in person.  For the first show we must have viewed 100 comedians on DVD before we started selecting.

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