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This Month’s Interview: Joel Osteen

I’m going to start publishing a monthly interview with friends, clients, and others who are in the media world and might benefit my readers.  I’m starting with an interview I just did for Ministry Today magazine with Pastor Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church in Houston.  Joel and his father John were some of my first clients, and Joel and I led the team that created his enormously successful TV program.  When Ministry Today asked me to edit an issue of the magazine, I thought an interview with Joel would be interesting – particularly about his career in media before he became a pastor. Because love him or not, he understands television, and his program reaches more than 10 million viewers a week.  If you’re a communicator and interested in engaging today’s culture with your message, I think this magazine interview is worth your while.

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  1. Great article with Joel Osteen. I really liked the part of how he prepares for his televised sermons and how the years of editing helped him understand how he had to prepare and deliver his messages. It was good also for him to share how he knows what he stands for and the consistency for which he uses social media in relation to his message. J. Mark Gallardo

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