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This is How Badly People Want Change to Happen in their Lives

Are people really interested in change?  A Yahoo report of all the searches that contained the word “change” in a single month came up with these responses:

429,756 – Career Change                  68,325 – Change
18,223 – Sex Change           13,473 – Change Management
8,211 – Change the World              8,011 – Change of Pace
7,774 – Winds of Change             4,921 – Name Change
3,879 – Life Change                3,311 – Quotes on Change
2,228 – Organizational Change     1,170 – Social Change
1,661 – Managing Change

And this was just a tiny few of the types of searches done around the world “change.”  Apparently, the world is ready for change to happen – are you?  What do you think is the biggest reason people resist changing?

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  1. The default mode for many is a mediocre life, mediocre business, mediocre thinking. Many like predictability… day in, day out, because you can control that. And like you’ve said before Phil, success that worked in the past is sure to work in the future – type of thinking. I think that may be called pride, stubbornness and delusion. To change for some is scary, unnerving and way too risky because it translates into certain “death” …. loss, pain, uncertainty. Doubts bring fears and fears bring anxiety, insecurity and loss of confidence. BUT, some are so fed up with being oppressed, or living/working a mediocre job or life…. they recognize their life has been reduced to a box with very limited space…. many become desperate for CHANGE. The situation becomes so dire that their anxiety has forced them to try to find a way out. Find a way to survive the pain of being forced or fenced in like a wide stallion searching for a way out of captivity. The truth is, lack of change is painful too … it will cost you at some point. Stagnation, the lack of change, has the potential to eventually kill you one way or another….. I’M SO READY FOR CHANGE!

  2. Because we’re tired. 🙂 Learning something new sometimes takes more mental energy than we think we have, even if the change will save us energy in the long run. We are terrible (as a culture) at creating space in our lives.

  3. Just a thought:
    Seems like we live in a very discontented world and that may be the underlying thing rather than a serious desire to do the hard work of legitimate change. We flip/flop all the time and buy into the “grass is greener” philosophy. Now, that’s not to say that no one is serious about changing for the better and understand (to some degree) that it is a process and not the effect of a magic wand. Perseverance in whatever station in life you occupy is rare. We look for an ‘out’ and to ‘move up’, etc. What about faithful plodding to reach goals even when things are difficult?

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