Start Doing Things That Make No Sense

When was the last time you did something that made no sense? I’m not talking crazy here, but maybe it’s time we toss out things like:

1) It has to be measured
2) It has to be scheduled
3) It has to be budgeted
4) It has to be justified
5) It has to have a point

OK – maybe not toss them out completely, but stop being a slave to them. Real creativity happens when we’re not worried about boundaries. The older I get the more I realize the really important things in life can’t be measured, scheduled, or budgeted. Certainly we shouldn’t toss measurement or schedules out totally, but never forget that measuring, budgeting, or scheduling is for “things” – not for “values.”

Remember the difference between values and tasks.  Measure tasks, but open up your life to the freedom of exploring values that create a life that matters. In fact, spend less time on “tasks” and more time on the stuff that you believe really makes a difference.

What are those things in your life?

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  1. I pretty much base my "business plan" (or lack of one) on what shouldn't work. Then again there's a reason that chances are anyone reading this hasn't heard of Booples. 🙂

    Starting in 2008, I spend $0 on marketing. Instead, my marketing/business strategy is prayer. I used that money to go to NRB, Conspire and other gatherings instead.

    After re-reading Phil Vischer's book ("Me, Myself and Bob", which I'd recommend not only everyone read but make it required reading in your company), I forged "The New Plan" which is: trust, rest, wait, walk and listen. I blogged about it a bit at and intend to flesh out what I mean soon.

    Anyway, traffic on my site has gone up, sales have increased, others have contacted me more about broadcast rights, online sales distribution, partnerships, etc.

    Let's not forget that God is really directing these waters. Be obedient in what you're called to do and let Him worry about the results. I've been called to minister to kids through my animation, not necessary "start a business" (although as that is necessary, I do it to be obedient to His calling). 

    Stay strong (in Him), pray hard.

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