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When They Can’t Deny The Truth

In the New Testament Book of Acts, there’s an interesting encounter between Peter & John and the religious leaders of the time. A crippled man had been healed, and Peter’s teaching had begun to annoy the chief priests. So the religious authorities had them arrested. But as they conferred among themselves, they had to come to terms with the fact that the man’s healing had been a notable sign that was evident to everyone. They came to the conclusion that when it came to the reality of their message, “they could not deny it.”

As I read that passage, I wondered how many things in our lives are beyond denying? How often is a non-believing culture forced to face up to the positive impact we have on the world? Are we doing things the culture can’t deny? Things no one can argue with?

In our book “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back” we share how historians tell us that one of the biggest reasons the early church transformed Roman culture is because they were doing things no one could believe. They were taking in abandoned children, supporting the widows, and sharing their possessions. Roman citizens were stunned by these things because they just weren’t done. But they couldn’t deny the impact.

What are the things we could do that would shock and surprise this culture? What are the acts of sacrifice, service, or love that would force them into a position where they couldn’t deny that the teachings of Jesus must absolutely be true?

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU6oxLmQigM&feature=related



    Many issues of faith are taken for granted until it becomes personal.  Then the question is, “God, are you real or not?.”  I am profoundly blessed by the results in my grandson going from blindness to full vision.  The cliche, ‘Seeing is believing’ came true in my son’s life. There is no longer doubt for my son as he expresses in the attached links.   I just pray that Christians will continue to be a conduits for God’s power as they yield to His leading.  May we be evidence of the living God who wants to be intimately involved with our lives. 


    The link above goes to Clay Clark’s website where he includes the story of Aubrey’s healing.


    Those are a lot of flowery words for, “Come on God, let’s have the world see what you’ve got.”




    PS – Clay is guest speaker for a number of business/career building events across Oklahoma. (a.k.a., motivational speaker) He spoke to a group in Miami, Florida last month.  He incorporates the Spiritual component of ‘being all you can be’, which includes the story/testimony about his son, Aubrey Napoleon-Hill Clark.  He is often asked if “this Spiritual stuff is really necessary”.  One answer he gave at the business school of a local university, “Yes. If you don’t like it, that’s too bad. I’m just telling you what I know is true.  And the truth is, God is real. The proof lives in my house.”

  2. I call it my Big Spiritual Experience or sometimes When God Runs to Greet You, see the half second that ended my 27-year prodigal run from God: http://ProdigalReturns.com.

    The experience changed my life and continues to change lives as more are exposed to God’s grace shown so overtly. No one can ever take this away, or take away the changed lives. What a great God!

  3. Sounds familiar. The pastors of our churches today are denying the power of the Holy Spirit. They say they are all about the Holy Spirit but God forbid somebody moves under the influence of the Holy Spirit to see somebody there who desperately needs healing get a healing… The “elders”  will jerk you outa there so fast… Many, many pastors have become such chickens.. too worried they’ll run somebody off. Too worried they’ll lose somone with income potential I think. How stupid is that? I think Jesus performed miricles everywhere he went. Guess thats what pissed off the spiritual leaders of His day too.

    It is way past time for pastors to quit worrying about scaring people off and denying the Holy Spirit moving in people’s lives, our church services and through us to other people in everyday life and situations. The great comission told us to lay hands on the sick and cast out demons and be an extension of Gods love to the world. This is how people see God and get saved. We have to love people enough to take a risk in scaring them off in order for them to see who God is and that God has what we all need: faith, hope, love and eternal security.

    Deny the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of love is denying Him.


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