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There Is No Formula For Success, But….

These 5 keys will help you be ready when it comes...

Whenever a book, seminar, or speaker pitches you on a “success formula,” walk away. There is no proven formula for success because everyone would be following it if there were. Success happens in different ways to different people, and it’s nearly impossible to forecast. But you can have the elements in place to make success worth betting on. Remember – life isn’t fair, and there’s no guarantee about anything. But if you can get these 5 elements in place, then you begin to open the door to the possibility of the miraculous:

1) Knowledge – Know what you’re talking about.  Be the smartest person in the room when it comes to your career or calling. Do your homework, stay up late, study – do what others are unwilling to do, and you’ll achieve what they’re unable to achieve.

2) Position – Are you in position for that promotion?  No investor wants to fund someone who hasn’t done anything. To get into position, you need to have a track record and be the obvious choice as the person who can make your idea happen. Don’t have a budget? No problem. At least start the prototype, create a promotional video, do a rough draft, assemble the team – do something. Show your investor, donor, or boss you’re in position to win.

3) Networks – It takes relationships to make big ideas happen.  We can’t be experts at everything, so we must develop relationships in weak areas. One of the biggest reasons clients hire Cooke Media Group is because we know so many people and can bring a wide range of expertise to the table. Get out there, meet people, and start building your network.

4) Stamina – Success isn’t a short game; it’s a long game.  How long are you in for? Are you committed enough to weather the critics, the storms, the mistakes, and the failures? Are you willing to take the time to learn your craft? The ones who emerge on the other end after the dust settles usually get the shot.

5) Humility – The best leaders share the credit with the team.  Egomaniacs may survive for a while, but eventually, most get undermined, and when they fall, it’s not pretty. I’ve worked for plenty of jerks over the years, and looking back, I can’t remember one that made it. Humility restores relationships, inspires people, and keeps your career in perspective. Lead, be tough but stay humble.

It sounds simple, but daily living out these 5 principles is challenging. But, like working out, you have to make it a routine. Start today. Over and over throughout the Bible, God told leaders just to “take your position.” They didn’t need actually to fight, they just had to be ready. There’s something to that idea, even today. Work on these five areas, and see how they can shift your potential for success.

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