Is Batman True?

Absolutely true story:  This morning at 6am EST I’m standing in the book and magazine shop in the terminal at the Richmond, VA airport, and I’m listening to a couple that were about 25 years old talking about why “Batman: The Dark Knight” is making so much money at the box office.  Here’s their conversation:

Man: It’s making a lot of money for sure, but it won’t catch up to “Titanic.”
Woman: Why not?
Man: As far as I can tell, I think Batman is a fiction movie.  I don’t think that really happened.  And I’m not sure, but I believe the movie “Titanic” was a true story.
Woman: Yeah.  If you’re right, then true stories always make more money.

I kid you not.  Filmmakers, writers, producers, and content creators:  This is your audience.

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