The Power of Creative People Fighting Pornography

What happens when creative thinkers decide enough is enough...

Gender equality and pornography have been a problem in Poland (and everywhere else) for a long time. But this year, a creative team from global advertising and branding agency VMLY&R decided to do something about it. The Poland office brought together business partners to purchase the most famous adult magazine in the country, and then re-imagine it – without the porn.

They did one last issue, promoted it heavily, and promptly shut it down.

Then they sent copies of the final issue to media outlets, influencers, and equality groups to start a nationwide conversation on how pornography degrades women and that it’s time for a change. The campaign won a major award at the Cannes Festival of Creativity, and the TV commercial describing it says it all:

It’s another great example that creativity is one of the most powerful weapons for social change. 

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