Creative Leadership

The Power of Concrete Ideas

Make your ideas real so people can catch your vision...

Too many people live in the world of the abstract. Designers, engineers, artists, filmmakers, love their plans, blueprints, storyboards, and easels. But to make change happen in an organization, you need to move from the abstract to the real, or the concrete.

Reality is where people live, and they won’t change until they can see the purpose in concrete detail.

Don’t get me wrong – plans are important, blueprints essential, and storyboards in my business absolutely necessary. But the crew doesn’t really get it until you translate the storyboard into action, and share the concrete details of camera angles, action, format, and more. In short, start in the world of abstraction, but to reach your team, move quickly into the real world. Give them examples, illustrations, and real-life explanations that will help them understand your concept.

Change doesn’t happen in the ether. It happens in the reality of living.


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  1. I’m not so much an idea person, as a nuts and bolts person.

    If you can tell me what you want, I can make it happen.

    I just need you to stand behind me, make sure I have the support and the funding. 

    And, most of all, once we launch the project, stick with it.  Don’t abandon this project, just because you got a new idea.

    You can have ideas all day long.  Let’s work together to make something happen.

    You (I mean the rhetorical “you” of course.)




  2. Hi, Phil! This is my new film which I plan to shoot on English. And I invite you to be my partner in renting the film in America and Europe.

    “Your conscience”
    Script writers: Arkadiy Lebedev

    The main character Max is a boy of 12-14 years old. He dreams to become the leader of a gang. He wants to become a great fighter and have lots of money. Max lives with his mother and blind grandmother. Max’s best friend and class mate is Marsha.

    Max’s room
    Max is phoning Marsha while looking at his reflection in the laptop screen.

    School yard fight
    Max is fighting with two senior classmates.
    Max is tossing the buys onto the ground in turn masterfully.
    There is a crowd of girls and boys standing around and taking a video with their cell phones.

    – What do you thing about yesterday fight, how I laid them out so easily?

    Marsha’s room
    Marsha is sitting on the pouffe in front of the mirror and admiring with herself. She is holding her cell phone in one hand near her head as she is brushing her wavy hair nicely with the hairbrush in the other hand.

    – Oh, yes Max! You were irresistible yesterday, a real Oleg Taktarov.

    – I will be very rich as well soon.

    – Is it for sure you will give me the laptop like yours on my birthday?

    – I’ll do it what I said! Well, don’t enter the school without me.

    – Ok, Max! But you don’t be late.

    Max is leaving his room and going to the hall, passing by the bedroom, where his old grandmother is praying in front of the idols.
    Max is drawing skull and cross bones on the idol.

    Max (maliciously)
    – Granny, tell me whom are you praying now to? – Is this picture your god? Granny, ask your God to make me rich and tough guy.
    I want everybody to be afraid of me. Then I will bow my knees in front of Him, like you do. What will you say?

    Mother hurries him to go to school and his grandmother gives him a Catholic blessing to him.

    – Lord, have mercy upon my grandchild and forgive him. He is still too young and does not know what he does.
    Give the strength to his conscience for it to be able to clean his heart from any evil.

    Max is leaving his room, passing by the sofa where there is mom’s bag. He is taking money from it and going on his toes to the exit.
    Max is slamming the door and running down the stairs where meeting his friend with a new skateboard.
    Max threatens the boy and takes away the skateboard from him.
    Max goes outside and gets into drug dealer hands who demands to give him debt back. Max is taking money from his pocket (5 thousand rubles) and is giving it to the drug dealer. And Max still owes to him 20 thousand.
    (Max while playing in the play centre lost all his money and he is thrown out from there) But he lies to the drug dealer that he was taken money. The drug dealer catches him by his hair but he notices that he is surrounded by the police in civilian clothes. He loosens his grasp and patting Max on his hand he sets the collar straight. He promises to forgive his dept if he does his task. He explains to him what to do and puts the packet with cocaine to his bag. And they run different sides. The drug dealer is caught but max manages to escape by skate. The breath taking chase is going on, Max is flying over the cars on the first traffic light, on the second traffic light he goes under two trucks laying on the skate. Max escapes hiding in the composting toilet at the seaport square. The policeman orders to circle the square. Max shrinks into corner and shivers from fear. He looks sideways at the door and sees his conscience, his reflection, his double in the same clothes. Max looks at his conscience’s eyes, has folded his hands like on the prayer.

    Max (with fear)
    -Who are you?

    Conscience (surprised)
    – I am your conscience.

    His conscience has a deal with him to help him if he helps him to get the freedom.

    – Do you remember you wanted to become a defender of the weak in your childhood?

    – And what do I have to do?

    – You have to close your eyes and not to open them till I say to you, otherwise it won’t work out.

    – Yes!

    Task 1

    – Your granny read the fairy tale about the country where Gnomes and Zhlobiki live in your childhood
    and they constantly had wars about the golden medallion and you wished to help them to have peace.
    And you should take the medallion so they have no reason to fight.

    Max walks in the forest. He sees how Zhloboki take medallion from Gnomes. He walks for Zhlobiki, coses them quarrel . Zhloboki quarrel because of it, fight each other with the rods on the heads, fall aside. Max comes up to one of them and takes the medallion.

    – Max sits down and gives the medallion to his conscience.

    Task 2

    And now close your eyes and remember how you watched the film about war how our soldiers fought for Malaya Zemlya and you were ready to fight with them even at the price of your own life. You will have to get not a simple medallion but soldier’s one.

    Max is on the war. Three Germans leading captive sailors and put them against the wall. The officer comes up to one of them and take the medallion away and throw it to Max’s feet. Max hangs it on his neck. The officer makes the order to two soldiers to shoot the sailors. Max is preventing them from it. The officer tries and can’t to hit the target. And instead of it he shoots with the burst of gun fire the huge branch over his head which kills him and his soldiers. Max takes the knife and cut the ropes on the soldiers’ hands. One of the soldiers lifts his eyes to the heavens, falls on his knees and crosses himself, praising God. Max wants to take the gun but his conscience prevents him saying that it is forbidden for children to have a gun.

    Task 3
    Max is finds himself in the epoch of slaveholding system. The black-skinned slaves are walking with chains. They are carrying stones. The overseer is laying in the shade. There is much food next to him on the tray. But he doesn’t feed the slaves, he just beats them. At night while the overseer sleeps max takes his keys with the medallion on them and puts the medallion on him. He sets the slaves free, feed them and chains the overseer.

    Task 4
    The caravan is moving along the desert. Four slaves are carrying the prince. The servant is walking nearby and the prince asks to drink. But there is no water and the prince in anger orders to bury the servant. The caravan is moving further. Max comes up to the head on the sand. He gives him to drink and sets him free from the sand. The servant thanks God and promises that he will bring everything the most expensive on this holly place. He sees the bottle of water takes it and run up to the prince. He hands it to him. He drinks. At joy he set the slave, takes the medallion from him and hangs it on the servant. The servant, bowing before him, runs away. He left s the medallion near the hole next to Max. Max puts the medallion on himself.

    Task 5

    – And can you swim?

    – I can a little, and why?

    – That what you saw yesterday and wanted to help and you couldn’t; now you can. Close your eyes.

    Max comes to the cost. The bandits bound the big stone to the arms and hands of one guy. The take the medallion off from his neck and throw it to the water on Max’s eyes. Max picks up the medallion. They throw the guy to the water. Max dives to the water and swims up to him, removes the sticky tape from his moth and breath the air into him. Max sets the guy free and helps him to get him out from the water.

    – Max hands the medallion to his conscience and wonder why there is so much evil in the world.

    – While doing evil people loose their conscience, you listen to it and do good deeds.

    Task 6
    – Now the girl is riding her bike on the road around the hills and there is a car which is about to hit her and you are to prevent it.
    And don’t forget to take take the medallion. ,

    Max finds himself near the road. The girl is riding a bike and listening her walkman. The car with the medallion on the mirror is moving towards her. The driver while talking to the passenger doesn’t watch the road. The collision is unavoidable. Max runs to the girl and push her to the ditch. And the car goes through him. He is standing and the medallion is falling in front of him. The driver doesn’t notice anything. The girl stands up and looks after the car moving away. Without having an idea she goes on her riding.

    In the restroom.

    – Listen to me, this world frightens me so much. People live in it and don’t realize that they do wrong. They even don’t notice they are close to vanish.

    – The people’s deeds are depend on their attitude to their conscience.

    – I wonder does the people’s conscience looks the same with them as you do.

    – I want to tell you about it but I will better show you.

    The little boy and a girl are playing with the ball in the yard. And the young woman and a man are playing with the ball next to them too.
    Two mothers are sitting on the bench in the yard and gossiping. And their consciences are sitthing next to them They look like very old women with wrinkles who hold their sticks.

    – Look, what big conscience children have and what small conscience their parents have.

    Drunken mai sits at the table. His conscience wallows in the glass. The conscience is killed by the alcohol and drugs. . He won’t be able to get to the kingdom of light because of that.

    The thief frightens the woman with the knife and there is his shade on the wall. His conscience dried up. It left only its shade.

    – And now you have to redress every evil you did. Max covers his eyes with his hands.

    Max sees his mother walking towards the supermarket. He follows her and puts the money back to her bag.

    Max enters the granny’s room, take the rubber and removes what he draw on the idol.

    Max enters his room, takes disks with porn and brakes takes the cigarettes out from under the table , tears them and throw to the dustbin.

    Max comes up to the boy’s door, puts the skate and press the call.

    The drug criminal is searched. Max puts the packet with drugs to his bag. The drugs are found and the video watching over the square where Max hides in the loilet is canceled. The drug criminal is arrested.

    Max removes his hands from his eyes and smiles widely.

    – Listen, I liked so much to do your tasks.

    – You know, Max, we can help each other and others for our whole life to reach the kingdom of light.

    – Tell me, what kingdom do you always talk about?

    – If you will search for it you will find and I will always help you in that.

    Max is walking along the cost and the huge conscience is sitting befre him and smiling. He is holding the medallions in his hands. They are walking together with a joy along the cost….

    – And why did you need those medallions?

    The conscience is hanging them on the Max’s neck.

    – It is for you to remember your good deeds and looking at them not to be upset.

    Max and his conscience are running jumping and freezes in the fly. The music and the captions are going on.

    Max and his conscience are walking along the cost. Masha is running towards him. She wants to kiss him. Max is looking at his conscience who is giving a sign not to do that. Max is stopping her and she is very surprised.

    Don’t you love me any more?

    Masha put her head on Max.
    Max looked at his conscience, his conscience smiled.

    – Of course I love you but as a friend for now.

    Masha opened her mouth being surprised.

    – And how is that?

    – We are still children now, when we grow up, get married…

    – Is it mean you won’t give me a laptop any more?

    Max smiled, looked at his conscience who encouraged him showing her thumb.

    – Of course, if I will earn for it or I will give you mine, anyway I don’t need it.

    Masha hugs Max smiling and gives him a kiss on his cheek.
    Max is looking at his conscience who is shrugging her shoulders.
    Masha jumped back with a joy and smiled.

    – Ok, I agree to love you as a friend but as the best friend because you fulfilled my dream.-

    The conscience, Max and Masha moving away to the distance.

    The scene

    The window is opened and the guard is hanging the cellphone

    The guard’s voice
    – Did you ask to call your mother?

    It is hot in the prison. Two big fat prisoners with naked torso are sitting on the bench and the drug dealer is sitting in the middle. He looked at the gloomy prisoners and smiled from joy.

    Drug dealer
    – I did tell you that I was not going to be here for a long time

    He is walking to the cell phone, taking it from the guard’s hands, taking out from the socks 100 dollars and give them to the guard. The prisoners jumped up when they saw money. The drug dealer dialed the number in a hurry.

    Drug dealer
    – Hello, mom is it you?

    Scene (at the seaside)
    “Mom (a nickname) in the sunglasses with the moustaches” is sitting on the hood of his car.

    – Yes! That’s me, your mom! What happened, son? Where is my big bucks?

    Scene (In a prison cell)

    Drug dealer
    – Hey! Mom, I’m stuck here! Mom, could you get me out of here? It really stinks.

    The drug dealer looked at his cell mates who looked really mad. The drug dealer was frightened and leaned against the door.

    Scene (at the seaside)

    – I hope, my son, that you haven’t lost mummy’s bucks ?

    Scene (In a prison cell)

    Drug dealer
    – Well, because of one little bloke the whole deal didn’t work, he betrayed me. It’s over for all of us, grandpa will come from Sicily and will feed his piranhas with us for a long time.

    Scene (at the seaside)
    “Mom” walks around his car, he kicks it and then pats it.

    – Oh, no! It’s not the end. It’s not over until I find that stupid bloke!!!!!!!!,

    Scene ( at the seaside)
    “Mom” angrily throws his cell into the sea.

    On the dark background appears the word THE END! But it is torn and an aggressive face of “mom” appears on the screen.

    – Who said the end?! While I’m alive there will never be the end!

    This is not the end of our story, to be continued…………………

    A song plays and the titles appear on the screen.
    All rights reserved .


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