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The One Thing You Should Never Do in a PR Crisis

Every organization – particularly nonprofits and religious organizations – should be ready for a public relations crisis, but sadly, very few actually are ready when it happens.  In today’s digital world, there are many more opportunities for mistakes, moral compromises, and financial wrongdoing.  This earlier post is a great conversation about what to do during a organizational crisis, but if – and when – something disastrous happens at your church, ministry, or nonprofit, there’s absolutely one thing you should never do:

Waste time wondering why it happened.   There will be plenty of time for that later, but at the moment, while the clock is ticking, isn’t the time to debate, discuss, or argue about why what went wrong, went wrong.  The minute you do that, you start falling behind in your response, your assurances to the public and your donors that you’re taking care of it, and communicating with the media.

When a crisis breaks, don’t lose ground at the start by spending time on the wrong thing.  For now, keep your response team focused on moving forward.

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  1. Why? is not a good question. Instead of asking, Why did this happen? ask What’s good about it? or What can I learn from it? or “How can I make things better?

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