Four Steps to a Better Social Media Bio

The biography you write for your various social media platforms is critical for connecting you with people. In many cases, you don’t have much space, and with platforms like Twitter, an intriguing bio is one of the top reasons people decide to follow you. And yet, most people put very little thought into a good social media bio.  Here’s some key suggestions:

1) Use a good photo – and it should be a close up. Most social media bios only have space for a very tiny photo. I’m constantly amazed at the wacky shots people use on Twitter that you can’t possibly recognize or understand. You can have fun, but be clear who you are.

2) If growing and developing your brand is important, then use your real name. Creating a silly Twitter account like “Steve Martin’s Banjo” can be funny, but it’s not helping get your name out there. Social media is too important for extending your brand to ignore this.

3) You don’t have to be realistic. In other words, your bio can be cute, satirical, or ironic, as long as it describes you. Here’s what some consider the 20 all time best Twitter bios. If you know any of these people, you know these short bios actually describe them. Granted, this is a more viable approach if you’re well known. Even if you’re unknown, be creative, but write a bio that helps people understand who you are and what you do.

4) Finally – keep it updated. If you write a new book, release a new album, or complete a significant project, update your bio immediately. Remember – social media is a powerful marketing tool, so let the world know what you’re doing.

Any good suggestions I’ve missed?

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  1. Great suggestions. What do you do if your name was taken on Twitter a LOOONG time ago? I set up my @scrapper24 twitter account long ago but am just recently really using it. Scrapper24 is a high school nickname and my email address at most email sites. My blog is and my other social sites are as well. That, and most other similar versions of my name are long gone.

    By the way, would another good add to this be to include invitations to your other social media profiles on linkedin, twitter, instagram, and others?

    1. Yep – that’s a tough one. I would try to get a variation of my name, but if that’s not possible, perhaps your nickname is best. And yes – it’s always good to make that connection between all your social media platforms… Thanks Joshua, for the comment!

  2. Where does Jesus tell me I should worry about branding? The Spirit surely isn’t witnessing to my spirit about making the marketing of “my” unique message a priority in these uncertain times. Can anyone show me in any way why we should be focused on “marketing” our faith?

    1. No problem Jim. If you feel that you’re reaching the maximum amount of people you possibly can with your message, then by all means go for it. Marketing is simply getting your message in front of the most number of people possible, which to me is desirable when it comes to sharing our faith. The stakes are high as you say “in these uncertain times.” The Great Commission is critical. So I want to share the gospel with as many people as I can. That’s why marketing matters. Thanks for posting!

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