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The Insight That Changed The Way I Share My Faith

I’m on the Board of Directors for Image Journal, and in a recent edition we interviewed Barbara Brown Taylor, an Episcopal priest, teacher, and author of fourteen books. In the conversation, she mentioned something that stopped me cold. Something that Jesus did that anyone who shares the Christian faith should think deeply about. Especially if you’re a pastor, ministry leader, or involved in communication I encourage you to meditate on this powerful insight:

Barbara Brown Taylor:  “In my view, Jesus changed lives because he was able to change the way people imagined their lives. He dared them to imagine the stranger as neighbor, the child as teacher, the enemy as mirror, the deity as loving father. He helped them imagine lepers, women, and Roman centurions as exemplars of faith. He asked them to imagine that the most important person at the table was the waiter, and that the end of the line was the place to be. At the moment I cannot think of a single story he told that was not intended to change the way his listeners imagined the world. I believe the arts can do the same thing. They can break my heart, rekindle my courage, wreck my prejudice, give me second sight.”


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  1. So true. All sin and the entire life of the unbeliever comes down to settling for what we can do on our own, when God’s plan for each of us is to be a conduit of his Spirit. Imagine how we can give when we depend on God’s provision instead of our own. Imaging how we can love when its not based on our will but the abundant love we receive from God.

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