The Guy Who Cut the Door into The Last Supper

If you’ve ever been to Milan, Italy and seen Leonardo da Vinci’s memorable painting “The Last Supper,” one of the first things you notice is that there’s a door cut right into the painting. That wasn’t Leonardo’s original plan, and it cuts into a significant part of the masterpiece. Art historians believe it happened in the 17th century, and don’t know who actually did it. But this much we know:

The guy didn’t have much vision.

Back then, the painting wasn’t appreciated as much as it is today, and had already gone through multiple attempts at restoration. But even then, cutting a door through it was an incredibly stupid idea. But it happened because the people involved were more practical that artistic. They weren’t thinking about the bigger picture. (See what I did there?)

I assume somebody needed to get into the next room, but instead of discussing all the possible options, they simply took the most direct route – right through the middle of the masterpiece.

The lesson? While the practical way may seem expedient, cheap, and efficient, stop and think about the long term impact. It happens in organizations every day. Have you been asked to cut a door through a masterpiece? In your case, it may not be a priceless painting, but we’re all regularly torn between doing the

Cheap thing
Quick thing
Easy thing
Popular thing
Even what seems like the right thing

But sometimes we have to do the brave thing.

Sometimes the brave thing takes real courage. Before you make your decision, remember The Last Supper” and always choose the brave thing.

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  1. Hey @philcooke do you remember Jesus’s final words at the Last Supper? Wait for it. No fair looking it up. You won’t find it in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John anyway. Jesus’s final words were, “All right, everyone who wants to be in the photo line up on this side of the table.”

    You’re welcome. I’ll be here all week. 🙂

  2. The door door frame was cut into DaVinci’s painting The last supper because a minister priest did not like DaVinci so DaVinci painted him as the Judas priest of Christ in the painting

  3. Jesus said all man shall do as I do taking the blood and body of Christ and renewing our covenants with God

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