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The First Requirement of a Leader

There are many principles a great leader needs to know about self-discipline, motivation, influence, skill, and much more. However, if you’re on the journey to becoming a leader, there’s only one place to start:

Show up.

The first great requirement of a true leader is showing up. That simple maxim can be lived out in a thousand ways, and here’s a handful:

1) Be there when everyone else on the team wants to give up.

2) Be there when the challenge is most difficult.

3) Be the person on your team who’s willing to do the task nobody else wants to do.

4) Understand servanthood, and be there for your boss and your team members.

5) See what needs to be done before anyone has to tell you.

6) Do a great job, even when no one else is looking.

7) Study and polish your skills on your own time, and don’t wait for “on the job training.”

8) Understand the big picture. Don’t be so caught up in your silo that you don’t see what’s best for the organization as a whole.

Showing up sounds so elementary and yet could not be more critical. Great leaders are there during success and failure. If your goal is to be a great leader, start today simply by showing up.

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  1. Thanks again, Phil. Nothing discourages me more than being early to a meeting and having the person who requested the meeting arrive late. What’s your desired message to your team? “I’m more powerful than you” or “I respect you”? If you respect them, they’ll honor your authority. If you assert your power, they’ll resent you. It’s really that simple.

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