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The Election’s Over. How Should Christians Respond?

Few times in American history has there been so much turmoil, rancor, and potential corruption in a presidential election. Confidence in both candidates has been at an all time low, and for the first time, one of the candidates has actually been under a federal investigation.  But now the election is over. You may or may not like our new president, but the question becomes:

As Christian, what will be your response?

This is a pivotal moment in our culture to either astonish nonbelievers or drive them further away. Whoever you voted for, and no matter how much passion you had for your party, what we do now will have an enormous impact on how people in your community view Christians for many years to come.

As a result, no matter how happy or upset you may be with the results, think twice about how you share that news. Whether it’s at the office, with your family, and especially on social media, an angry response won’t help – neither will an attitude of superiority. Prideful or Snarky social media memes will only make Christians look angry or hypocritical, and those attitudes don’t attract others to Christ.

After all, when was the last time condescension, rage, humiliation, or snarkiness won someone to Christ?

Right now, people are looking for hope, and real answers that transcend politics. If we ever had the opportunity to proclaim a God who was bigger than what happens in Washington, DC, then this is our moment.

So no matter how happy, disappointed, nervous, or upset you may be right now, let’s remember that God is ultimately in charge, and only He holds the future.

Jesus is our savior, not our president.

And for that, I am exceedingly joyful.

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    • All is in the hands of those in authority.
    • God can’t do nothing about it.
    • We can’t do anything about it.

    • OUR RESPONSIBILITY: “Pray … for everyone … especially for rulers and their governments to rule well …”
    • OUR EXPECTANCY and GOD’S ANSWER: “… so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation.”
    (2 Tim 2:1,2 MSG Bible).

    We hear about honoring and praying for authorities, but we are also told to EXPECT THIS RESULT: “we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity” (2 Tim 2:2 NLT). This looks like a promise.

    Is it possible for someone, with his faith, to change the political reality of his time? I think Elijah, Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah and Esther would say YES.

    The answer is not out of our reach! God has put it in our hands!

  2. I’ve been off Facebook since Tuesday morning and am not planning on returning any time soon. Same goes for Twitter, where I just post articles that try to explain the situation instead of cheering for one side or the other. Bliss, and none of my limited lifetime wasted with people cheering or bickering.

  3. As I said to my men’s Bible study group on Saturday morning, as Christians, we need to be committed to prayer and be on our knees EVERY DAY begging God to turn this nation. We also need to be sharing the Gospel with EVERY person we possibly can. Our nation needs to return to Jesus Christ more now than ever. If we’re not spreading the Gospel, we are abdicating our responsibilities as Believers.

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