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The Culture’s Forced March of “Inclusivity” Continues Through The Holidays

As the impact of Christianity on the holiday season continues to decline, the hoops people jump through to justify the “reason for the season” become ridiculous – even comic. In the latest effort to be “inclusive” during Christmas – and not hurt anyone’s feelings (horror), Cornell University released guidelines for seasonal displays on campus:


Winter Holiday Displays/Decorations that are Consistent with Cornell’s Commitment to Diversity and the University Assembly Guidelines:

• Snowflakes

• Trees decorated with snowflakes and other non-religious symbols

Winter Holiday Displays/Decorations that are Consistent with University Assembly Guidelines But Should be Basis of Dialogue Within Unit or Living Area

• Trees decorated with bows, garland and lights

• Wreaths with bows

• Combination of snowflakes, Santa Claus figure, and dreidel

• Holly

Winter Holiday Displays/Decorations that are NOT Consistent with Either University Assembly Guidelines or the University’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusiveness (WE CAN’T HAVE THIS):

• Nativity scene

• Menorah

• Angels

• Mistletoe

• Stars at the top of trees

• Crosses

• Star of David

Hopefully, Cornell will experience a wonderfully meaningless inoffensive “holiday” season, thanks to these important guidelines.

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  1. I am sorry to report this kind of insidious nonsense is slowly starting to creep into the UK, mainly in over-zealous local councils who are worried about offending Muslims (guess what – they aren’t offended in the slightest).

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