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The Countdown to my new book begins: “One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do”

Stop being average at so many things, and become extraordinary at ONE BIG THING.  My new book, “One Big Thing” is set to hit shelves nationwide on July 17th. I’ve been working on it over the last year, and I’m more excited about it than any book I’ve ever written. The book asks a simple question: What were you born to accomplish with your life?  “One Big Thing” will help you discover what you were put on the earth to do and allow it to revolutionize your business, your ministry, and your life. After years working with major organizations, I’ve learned something that’s true for those organizations and for individuals as well: You’ll never get noticed for being “pretty good” at a lot of things. Today, you’ll only get noticed by being extraordinary at one big thing. The question is – what’s that one big thing for you?

In today’s distracted, digital culture, it’s harder than ever to identify your calling, get your voice heard, and achieve your dreams. What do you want to get on the radar? A movie? A book? A business? A ministry? An app? A great cause? Whatever it is, to stand out and communicate that idea and message, you need to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Making that happen means focusing on the one thing that drives you, inspires your passion, and separates you from the pack. If you’ve ever felt pulled in different directions or wondered what to do with your varied talents and interests, you’ll discover the secrets of living a life-on-purpose that rises above the noise and leaves a lasting mark on the world.

It will be available July 17th, but you can pre-order today.

Order yours now because the clock is ticking, and it’s time to connect with the one big thing you were wired to do!


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  1. I can’t wait to read your new book Phil! You’re in sync with the artist’s brain and how to direct it in a practical and applicable way. I’m looking for that One Big Thing to get behind and push, or get in front of it and pull it across the finish line. Thanks for all you do for so many people!

  2. Been reading the first few chapters, and already a big eye-opener for those seeking a concrete answer on the big question. “What am I called to do?” The book is so easy to read, Phil practically walks the reader through. I am sure many people will find that one big thing. Personally it has cleared some doubts I had in my own calling. In short, this book is roadmap. Thank You Phil.

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