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My Surprising Suggestion for Starting The Week

I’m sure you’re facing a long to-do list right now, and this week there are probably many things to be done in your life and the life of your organization. But today, I’m recommending something a bit different – do nothing. That’s right. No work, no action, no check offs. Well, in a way at least. By doing “nothing” here’s what I mean:


Before you launch out with your noble intentions, stop for a few minutes and consider where you’ve been and where you’re going. Think about your resources, your qualifications, your strengths and weaknesses. Most of all, think about your passions. As you do, here’s a few questions from my book “Jolt!” to reflect on:

1. Am I closer to my goals right now than I was a year ago? Did I get off track, or distracted? How do I fix that? Far too many people fail not because they aren’t qualified or talented, but simply because they got distracted.

2. What’s my greatest passion? What do I think about the most? What do I love doing, or what comes easy for me? What am I doing right now to pursue that passion?

3. Do I need to change perspective? For instance, if after two years I’m still out of work, perhaps I need to get out of that rut by getting trained for another job.

4. What are my priorities? I’ve discovered that no matter how difficult the circumstances, the people who understand their priorities are the ones who stay on course the best.

Reflect for a day before you rush into the week. You’ll find the rest of the week will be far more fruitful.

Any other suggestions for starting the week with more inspiration?

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  1. Reminds me of the day of rest that is mentioned in the book of Exodus and in other locations in the Bible. God & Jesus Christ must have known that a 24 hour period of no work would benefits us in many ways. After a busy, hectic six days of work – that next 7th day is a nice pause to reflect. Enjoy it.

  2. Great suggestions, as always! Stopping to reflect, meditate, pray, or just listen to God is so difficult, especially when you put constant pressure on yourself to take advantage of every precious minute of the day.

    But ya know… it’s not like we’d travel to a new location without referencing Google Maps or at least typing the address into our GPS, right? So why would we aimlessly work without first mapping out our strategy?

    Productivity isn’t about working more; it’s about working better.

    Thanks for the succinct list of reminders. I needed them!

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