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Telling Your Story: Are You Seeing the Big Picture?

When it comes to sharing your message with the culture, most of us are just thinking in pieces.  If you’re a company, nonprofit, church or whatever – you need to understand the bigger picture of engaging the culture with your message.  For instance, some organizations have a great video, others have a terrific website, and still others have great instincts for social media.   But unless ALL these platforms are working together, you’re only hitting on a few cylinders.

The question is – what’s your big picture – your overall strategy?  What’s the point?  What story are you trying to tell?

Figure that out first, and then make sure your video presentations, website, social media campaign, TV or radio campaign are reflecting that same story.

At most organizations, all those different departments aren’t even talking.   The truth is, my company has been built on being the team who gets everyone talking.  And until you can get all these platforms working together and telling the same story, you’ll never achieve your potential.

Let me know if your organization has trouble getting everyone on the same page…


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