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Ted Haggard Poll Results

It’s been one week since the Sunday after Ted Haggard made the news, and I did an informal poll to find out if pastors discussed the subject with their congregations.

As you may recall,
Ted Haggard” was the most searched name on multiple search engines this week, and says it was #1 for bloggers. That means, in spite of the war in Iraq, and on the eve of a national, mid-term election, this was the #1 priority for the American people. Millions of people were asking about it, searching for information, and writing about it. But Sunday morning, I visited a church here in Los Angeles, and the pastor never even mentioned it. Not once. Here is the most asked question on people’s minds in the country, and this pastor choose not to engage in a conversation about sin, denial, forgiveness, restoration, and salvation. Or even offer to pray for Ted and his family. What a missed opportunity!

Now I discovered 43% of people to talked with indicated that their pastor refused to even deal with a spiritual problem that’s the most talked about subject in America. What’s worse, the people reading this blog are more media saavy than most, and are probably attending pretty good churches. So I’m wondering if in the general population it’s even worse.

This is why so many in the culture think the church is irrelevant. The world is asking questions, and we refuse to even deal with them. In a media-driven culture, if people of faith don’t learn to “ENGAGE,” our impact will be zero.

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