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Hiking Taxes on the Wealthy Hurts Charities

My friend and donor development expert Rick Dunham was quoted recently on Fox Business Network about research that indicates hiking taxes on the wealthy only hurts charities and non-profit organizations in America.  As Rick reports, in practice, this could mean the demise of some charities, including the ones that work with people who have been hit hard by the recession. Many charities have already been forced to lay off workers.

While it might seem the rich have all the money, so let’s hit them harder – the truth is that people with money are the investors, business owners, and risk takers.  The government doesn’t create jobs, it only creates debt, and I think it’s time we laid off the criticism of successful people.  New York City has already seen the consequences of hitting the wealthy too hard – the wealthy just move out.  Droves of high income people have left New York because of high taxation, and it’s devastating their recovery.

So let’s get a grip on where the great charitable donations, jobs, and new business comes from and stop this insanity about sucking the life out of rich people.  Hey – if you have the guts to risk it all on a new idea, project, or product, I say make all the money you can make.

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  1. That liberal mentality is really, as Mike says, a metal disorder. Now that they have the upper hand, they are destroying our freedoms. I will remember in November…

  2. It doesn’t help that as taxes increase, too many think that means the government can take care of the poor, etc. If “big brother” is doing it, then the church or non profits don’t have to. They get a “I gave at the office” mindset to justify cutting back on giving as they see their net pay decrease.

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