Want to Get Your Ideas Noticed? Learn to Take Your Moment

In a recent Hollywood Reporter issue, actor Terry Crews tells a story about being on the set of the movie Expendables: “When we were doing the first Expendables, Sylvester Stallone was looking at the playback, and he said, “Man, take your moment. Never ever let them take your moment. When the camera’s on you, you have the whole movie, you have the studio, you have the audience; the whole world is yours at that moment. So take it. Don’t drop it.””

Whether or not you’re a Sylvester Stallone fan, he’s captured an important principle in getting your talent, expertise, or message noticed. You may not be a celebrity or movie star, but we all have moments. Our moment might be delivering an important report at the office, presenting to an audience, leading a project, or solving a problem. Whatever it is, Terry’s advice is important – whatever the size of the moment – deliver. Don’t do it halfway, and don’t phone it in. Too many of us think that we’ll never get our work, our ideas, or our expertise noticed, when the truth is, we have those moments all the time.

We just don’t notice them or take them seriously.

What’s coming up that would allow you to “take the moment?” What do you need to deliver on, that will give you the stage?

Whatever it is, as Stallone says, “Take it – don’t drop it.”

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