Heading Up to Sundance

I’m leaving for The Sundance Film Festival today in Park City, so I’ll keep you posted this week on the films, the people, and the schmoozing. Once again, my wife Kathleen and I are part of a team working with a group of students from Biola University and Fuller Seminary, and this year Taylor University has joined us. This group of Christian college and graduate students has become the largest block ticket buyer at the entire festival, so it’s always interesting to hear the conversations between films. The festival has been very welcoming, and we always invite many of the filmmakers to address the students after the screenings. I’ll update you as the week continues…



  1. I’d be interested in finding out how the market for independant films is going in the light of two recent events:
    1. The writers strike (push up prices?)
    2. The mood of financial markets (increased pricing of risk should push down prices?)

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